Monitor your Spending

MyFinancialLife analyses your spending habits and helps you gain insights so you can take control of your spending behaviour.

Budget your Money

MyFinancialLife makes creating a budget quick and easy and tracks spending against your budget in order for you to reach your financial goals

Keep Track of your Money

Use MyFinancialLife to keep track of all of your accounts wherever they are.

Understand Your Spend Patterns

See your spending displayed on easy to read charts and graphs, helping you to get to grips with where your money is going.

Your finances
taken care
of in one
secure place
Documenting your monthly
coffee bill is thirsty work.
Take a load off, we automate
We analyse all your expenses,
and illustrate them in real-time
through easy-to-read charts
and graphs.
It’s important that your
finances live up to your future
expectations. We make
budgeting a breeze.

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